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About B.B.F MAKE

    B.B.F Make & Manufacturing is a Premier Private Label and Original Equipment Manufacturer that specializes in the production of 100% Kydex and leather holsters, along with other accessories. Our team has combined years of Scientific, Military, and Manufacturing experience to develop a full line of products that include IWB and OWB carrying solutions, knives, sheaths, mag carriers, and a wide range of Leather Goods.

Our dedicated Research & Development team has revolutionized the Kydex Holster manufacturing process by independently designing a cutting edge, mass production Thermoplastic Molding Machine. Our Semi-Automated molding machinery allows us to achieve sophisticated, and efficient product molds consistently in large quantities. We're able to do this because of the machines ability to preform all of the labor intensive jobs such as heating, feeding ,molding ,and cooling at once. This happens all while being contained within the mold, which allows the holsters to maintain its durability and most desirable characteristics. Using our scientific quality monitoring process paired with precise computer aided laser cutting, we're able to produce some of the highest quality Kydex holsters and accessories available. They are all hand finished to remove any sharp edges and quality tested before being shipped.

We have a very user friendly initial molding process to create custom holsters for your unique OEM projects. This cuts the cost of the usual molding fees dramatically. These molds can include accessories like lights and laser sights or attached mag holsters, in multiple colors and textures. We can laser etch, print, and emboss PVC logo's on the holsters. We also have the ability to print custom images on the Kydex itself. We can make IWB, OWB,drop-leg, Competition styled holsters, and accessories all to your company's exact specifications with your company's custom designed packaging that we include.

Our custom leather products are developed using the same amount of care and attention to detail as we take with our Kydex Products. Our philosophy on manufacturing leather goods pays homage to the traditional manufacturing process of high-end leather goods of years past. We believe that some jobs are done best the old fashion way. We utilize High-end German industrial sewing machines to sew hand cut cowhide as thick as 19mm. We hand skin fully and semi aniline leather hides ,that are also are hand dyed and tanned. Certain items we manufacture require hand stitching and sculpting in order to provide the type of craftsmanship customers look for in high-end Leather Goods .We believe that this is an essential component of producing stylish and durable products, that not only we at BBF are proud of as well as our clients