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Provide small batch spot OEM servicesn,OEM minimum order quantity: 36-120 pc
We have strong Knives and holster design and production capabilities, OEM is welcome. 


For customers who need wholesale purchase, please register a member on the website first, then contact us to confirm, and then help you open the wholesale price permission.Then you can see the wholesale price of each product and place a self-service order.

Website distribution

If you have your own online store, you can sell our products for free. After you Sold the products, we will ship them directly to the customers and enjoy the preferential wholesale price. You need to register a member on the website, contact us to confirm your store, and then open distribution rights for you to see the wholesale price. You will then need to download product images and materials and post them to your store.When you Sold the goods, please place an order directly on our website. When we receive the order and payment, We will help you deliver the goods within two days.

Network Promotion of Distribution

If you have a Weibo or personal channel, you can post any of our products to your personal channel or public forum through the sharing function of our website. Your fans will enter the website to register and purchase through your promotion link. The website will automatically give you a sales commission (30%). At the same time, the new member will automatically return to your membership name and enjoy the consumption bonus of the subordinate members permanently. As long as you successfully register your membership, you can start your promotion and distribution business.