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Automatic Knife
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Small, Medium, Large(34) Small, Medium(16) Medium,Large(4) Medium, Large(2) Medium(24) Small(14)
HD6153(1) CK6013A(1) CK6013(1) CK6014A(1) CK7201(1) CK6115A(1) CK6115(1) CK7006 AWS(1) CK7006 WS(1) CKT5013(1) CKT6108(1) CK1101-BU(1) CK1101-B(1) CK1101-O(1) CKT1003(1) CK6118-O(1) CK6118-G(1) CK6118-B(1) CK9168(1) 7007F(1) 7007H(1) 6011LUC(1) 7023LUI(1) 6050BR(1) 6050BL(1) 607073B(1) 607073C(1) 607073O(1) 607073P(1) 7033LUC(1) 7046LTX(1) 7049LTX(1) CK6119-O(1) CK6119-B(1) CK6119-G(1) FH8193(1) FH8194(1) FH8192(1) FD8122-BU(1) FD8122-O(1) FD8122-Y(1) FD8121-R(1) FD8121-B(1) FD8121-O(1) FD8171-O(1) FD8171-C(1) FD8171-B(1) FH8195(1) FD8221-O(2) FD8221-B(1) FH8258(1) FH8259(1) FD921(1) XW-3RC(1) FD931(1) FD932(1) FBD935(1) FBD953(1) FBD954(1) FBD955(1) FC959(1) FC961(1) FSR962(1) FSR963(1) FBD936(1) FD9134(1) FSR937(1) FD9133(1) XW-3RB(1) FC9286(1) FC9285(1) FC9284(1) FC9283(1) FC9282(1) FC9281(1) FC9274(1) FC9273(1) FC9272(1) FC9271(1) FC9266(1) FD1102(1) FD1103(1) FD1201(1) FD1202(1) FD1203(1) FD1204(1) FD1205(1) FD1206(1) CM375(1) CM83(1) CM78(1) CM90(1) CM92(1)
Full Length
9-inch(3) 7.2-inch(2) 8.3-inch(5) 7.8-inch(2) 7.3-inch(2) 7.6-inch(1) 8.2-inch(1) 15-inch(1) 8.7-inch(1) 6.4-inch(1) 7.87-inch(1) 8.19-inch(1) 6.1-inch(3) 5.9-inch(1) 5.7-inch(1) 6.5-inch(1) 7.5-inch(2) 8.1-inch(1) 7.9-inch(3) 8.9-inch(2) 6-inch(7) 6.2-inch(1) 8-inch(1) 6.3-inch(1)
Blade Material
8Cr14MoV(11) 9Cr18MoV(12) 5Cr15MoV(1) AUS-8(7) 440C(13) M390(2) Swiss Powder Steel(1) Damascus Steel(3) D2 Steel(3) VG-10 Steel(1) 7Cr17Mov Steel(2) Forged Spring Stee(2) 420J2 Steel(9) 440A Steel(2) 440C Steel(24) AUS-8A Steel(1)
57-58HRC(50) 58-59HRC(16) 56-57HRC(3) 58-60HRC(9) 59-60HRC(4) 58-59 Hrc(2) 55-57 Hrc(2) 56-57 Hrc(3) 54-56 Hrc(2) 56-57 HRC(2) 57-58 Hrc(1)
Blade Surface
Titanium ion(10) Sanding(22) Titanium(10) Oxidized black + stone wash(1) Black stone wash(1) The Mirror(1) Sandblasted tiger(2) Brushed metal(11) Oxidized black(1) Stone wash(2) Mirror(2) Steel Polishing(6) Metal wire drawing(12) Drape(1) Forging & Sanding(2) Oxidation(7) Colorful Titanium ion(1) Oxidized & stone wash(1) 3D printing(1)
Lock Model
Line Lock, Tail lock, Shaft Lock, Frame Lock, Lever Lock, Line Lock+Security Lock, no lock, Security lock, Frame Line lock(35) Line Lock(44) Shaft Lock(3) Tail lock(1) Tail Lock(7) Lever lock(2) Line Lock (With safety lock)(1) Point lock (no switch required)(1)
Blade Type
Full Blade, Half Tooth, Oblique Tip, Sharp Tip(35) Full Blade, Sharp Tip(51) Full Blade & Sharp Tip(7) Full Blade, Oblique tip(1)