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Multi-tool Knife & Pliers
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Brand Name
East Craftsman(13) B.B.F MAKE(45) L.W(2) HARNDS(6) INFINER(1) TONIFE(1)
Large(15) Small(15) Small,Medium(1) Small, Medium(2) Medium(33) Small, Medium, Large(2) Medium, Large(1)
Handle Material
Zebra pattern wood(1) Rosewood(15) G10(13) Sandalwood(4) Steel(1) Cowhide(1) Pear wood & Steel(3) Pear wood(1) Aviation board(1) Sandalwood & Brass(6) Forged one steel handle & Cotton Rope(4) Forged one steel handle(5) Rubber(1) Antlers(2) G10 (CNC machining)(5) Antlers & Brass(1) Yanagi(1) Mikata (CNC machining)(1) Copper & Bovine Bone(1) Mahogany(1) Sand iron wood(1)
Blade Material
8Cr14MoV(1) 5Cr15MoV(1) 9Cr18MoV(5) Forged Tool steel(6) Forged 5cr13 Steel(4) Folding forged Tool steel(10) Forged 5cr13 Stell(1) VG10 Damascus Steel(9) Forged 5cr13(7) 420J2(2) 7Cr13Mov(1) ATS-34 Steel(1) 440C Steel(1) Forging Patter Steel(1) Forged spring steel(1) D2 Steel(3) AUS-8A Steel(5) 9Cr18Mov(1) Sandwich forged steel(1) AUS-10 Steel(1) 9Cr18Mov Steel(6) USA Dragon scale Damascus steel(1)
57-58HRC(25) 56-58HRC(1) 58-60HRC(14) 58-59HRC(16) 56-57HRC(4) 60-62HRC(1) 59-61HRC(2) 59-60HRC(3) 58-59Hrc(1) 60-61HRC(2)
Blade Surface
Sanding(7) Forged & Sanding(30) Oxidized black + stone wash(2) Steel polishing(9) Mirror(3) Laser Pattern(1) Brushed Metal(7) Mirror Reflection(1) Forged(1) Oxidation & Stone Wash(6) Oxidation & Stone Wash & Brushed Metal(1) Roasted blue(1)
Blade Type
Full Blade & Sharp Tip(54) Full Blade & Oblique Tip(3) Full Blade & Sharp Tip & Double edge(1) Full Blade, Sharp Tip(9) Double-edged half-tooth(1)